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Set in the exotic jungles of Borneo, ZAK – The Last Orangutan is a non-stop action adventure that’s a cross between Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones!

Zak is the world’s last living orang utan. Rescued by human primatologists as a baby, he grows up and becomes best friends with their son,Tom.

When his human family is forced to leave Zak behind, he finds himself at the beginning of the greatest adventure of his life!

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Zak : TBA
Roti : TBA
Lina :  TBA
Naga : TBA

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Directed by: Kabir Bhatia
Written by: Dan Smith
Executive Producer: Najwa Abu Bakar & Dato Norman A. Halim
Co-Executive Producers: Yusry A. Halim, Edry A. Halim, Max Madhavan
Produced by: Datin Dr Shireen M. Hashim

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