Ribbit is an upcoming 3D animated feature film about a frog with an identity crisis. Ribbit has always felt different from all the other frogs at his pond, and to find purpose in his life, he embarks on a incredible journey through the Amazon Rain forest with his best friend Sandy.

Along the way, Ribbit is hypnotised into believing he’s a human prince trapped in a frog’s body and he begins his quest to search for a Princess whose kiss can break his curse.

Main Cast

Ribbit : Sean Astin
Sandy : Cherami Leigh
Deepak : Russell Peters
Terrence : Tim Curry

Team Ribbit

Directed by: Chuck Powers
Story by: Chuck Powers
Based on an Idea by: Norman A. Halim
Written by: Chuck Powers & Amir Hafizi
Executive Producer: Norman A. Halim
Co-Executive Producers: Yusry A. Halim, Edry A. Halim, Max Madhavan
Produced by: Shireen M. Hashim

Associate Producers: Taaz Gill, Archie Nasution
Production Managers: Razif Kasmar, Loh Mun Wai, Johar Lucas
CGI Creative Director: Kiran Kumar
Edited by: Ezaisyirwan Basri
Music by: Edry A. Halim
Musical Arrangement: Reza Ramsey, Akhadiat Denny

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